How to navigate "Episode Summary" vs "Episode Notes"

Colloquially, podcasters often use these terms interchangeably: Episode Description, Episode Summary, Episode Notes,  Show notes and more. 

So we completely understand if you find this confusing. The Pacific Content team strives to provide clarity and minimize this confusion.

We typically use Simplecast to host your audio files. And we recommend using Simplecast's terminology to minimize confusion.

What to focus on

On Simplecast, you can add text to two fields: Episode Summary and Episode Notes. 

Pacific Content recommends leaving the Episode Summary blank, and focussing on the Episode Notes field. Here's why:

Here's a snapshot of the platforms that display—or don't display—Episode Summary and Episode Notes. You'll see why we recommend just filling up the latter.

Strategy for writing Episode Notes

Where does this text appear?

Here's how the Episode Summary for the show For The Love Of Work appears on Spotify.