Simplecast new user signup

I want analytics access to a show in Simplecast. How do I get it?

Before Pacific Content can invite you to view podcast analytics in Simplecast, you'll first need to set up your own Simplecast account.

  1. Sign up for a Simplecast account using your work email at

    • Important: You do NOT need to create a new show or import a show. Please do not attempt to import an existing show. You simply need a Simplecast user account.

    • You may see language about a “free trial.” That’s fine — we’re just getting you set up with a free user account so we can add you to a team.

  2. Contact your show's Audience Development Specialist or and let them know:

    • Which email address you used to sign up for Simplecast

    • Which show you need analytics access to

  3. A member of the Audience Development team will invite you to become a Simplecast "Team Member" for the show. You should receive an email notification about this invite.