Podcast Measurement Fundamentals

Pacific Content’s POV on Podcast Metrics

Some podcasters measure success with a single metric: downloads.

But downloads alone don’t tell the whole story. This is especially true for podcasts from brands. Brands care about audience engagement, awareness, perception, and favorability — and these are impossible to measure through downloads alone.

Pacific Content recommends a robust podcast measurement framework, customized for your brand’s overall goals.

Recommended KPIs


    • Average time spent listening (MM:SS)

    • Average completion rate (% of duration of episode)


    • Followers (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.)

    • Downloads

Audience Profile and Demographics

    • Podcast listening platform

    • Geography

    • Age and Gender (Spotify only)

Marketing Effectiveness

    • Audio → Audio

    • Digital → Audio

    • Audio → Web

Sentiment and Brand Lift

    • Ratings and Reviews

    • Social engagement

    • Brand lift studies (Signal Hill Insights)

Sample Podcast Metrics Report

Pacific Content - Sample Metrics Report